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Lakes Wivenhoe & Somerset Local Fishing Report March 2015…

By Kay Davis

The Grand Wivenhoe Social Fishing Club Inc held their Annual Game Meat and Fish Cook-up on Saturday 7th March with 10 different dishes such as Fish Chowder, Venison Brawn, Curried Wild Fowl Eggs, Venison a la Wilson, Curried Chicken, Wild Tuna Bake, Spicey Pekin Duck, BBQ Venison Sausage, Venison Sausage Casserole and Road Kill.  It was an excellent social night, with the winning dish Vension Sausage Casserole cooked by Anita Birch.  Congratulations Anita.  The next day, Sunday 8th March, was Competition 2 with any fresh catch.  Members fished Lakes Somerset and Wivenhoe and was a hard day fishing on both Lakes.

Next fishing competition is PC Conroy Shield at Coolmunda Dam on 21st – 22nd March and good luck to all anglers.

Category 1:                                                                                              Category 2:                                                                            Monthly Winners:

Heaviest Yellowbelly – Stanley Imhoff 1.275kg                            Heaviest Forkie – Anita Birch 4.740kg                         1st Patti Jaenke with a Bass – 1.340kg

Heviest Bass – Patti Jaenke 1.340kg                                                Heaviest Gar – Keith Imhoff .035g                                2nd Aurora Ratcliffe with a Dew – 1.290kg

Heaviest Dew – Aurora Ratcliffe 1.290kg                                       Heaviest Grunter – Kevin Birch .170g                           Best Junior – Mariz Ratcliffe with a Bass – 1.235kg

LtoR – 2nd Aurora Ratcliffe, a Dew 1.290kg, Junior winner Mariz Ratcliffe, a Bass 1.235kg, 1st Patti Jaenke, a Bass 1.340kg

Winner of the Game Meat Cook-up, Anita Birch with a Venison Sausage Casserole being presented with trophy by Rob Wilson

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